Bulk Buying 101 pt. 4 

Pick Up Day! 

Today is the day! The day all of your hard work of budgeting, organizing and months of planning accumulate into pick up day! Here are a few things to expect on the day you go to pick up your bulk foods order. 

If you are ordering from a supplier like Azure Standard you will go to a pick up location to get your order. There will be a coordinator you can contact if you have any questions or need help finding the location. Be sure to check your email or Azure Standard Account information to find the coordinator’s contact information. 

Know where your location is and pick up time. Try to arrive a few minutes early, if you have a well organized coordinator they will be very efficient at passing out order sheets and the unloading process goes very quick. 

The truck driver will begin to unload the skids the food items are on. He will pass it down to the coordinators and they will call out your name and pass your goods off to you. 

If you have more than one item, especially if some of them are shelf stable or frozen be sure to stick around. They will unload similar items together. 

If you’re able to, stay until the end, even if you have received all of your order. Sometimes the driver has an item that is discounted and you can buy it on the spot or he will give away packaging items like insulated bubble wrap, which comes in handy on the homestead. 

After you go home, prepare to package and store your items as discussed in the previous posts.

I hope you have enjoyed this four part series on bulk ordering. It has been my pleasure to help you build your pantry. Be sure to check out my corresponding YouTube Videos for more advice on food storage.


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