About Little Farm Folk

All our lives I, McKenzy, and my husband, Brantz, dreamed of owning a piece of land to homestead on.
The thought of waking up early, drinking a warm cup of coffee, working the land and raising a family of our own ached on our hearts.

Throughout our years of marriage it felt like that dream was never going to happen.

Little did we know the twists and turns of life from living in an apartment to renting in the suburbs of Colorado would be preparing our hearts. As well as building our skills for the farm we had been longing for.

In 2021 our neighbor offered to sell us her little farm. The catch, it only had a one bedroom, one bath, 620 sq ft log home badly in need of repair.
Luckily we were crazy enough and hungry enough, having spent 10 years trying and failing to buy property, that we took the leap.

God blew open all the doors, every stumbling block that had once been in our way before no longer existed.

We sold our home and moved our family of six into “The Little House”. We spent the first four months in the house replacing rotten logs. It was again, a huge feat as we lived in a major construction zone where our relationship and faith were tested time and time again.

It is only now, 11 years later, I can look back and see how the Lord was actually bringing us one step closer to the farm. Our story is still being written but we’d love for you to come alongside us in the journey.

Whether you have been homesteading for years or are just dreaming of it, have a seat at our table, you belong here.

This is a place where we share our triumphs as well as our fears and failures. Where we have the opportunity to pour into others with knowledge on homesteading and self-sufficient living as well as minister to each wayfaring stranger who stumbles upon our little corner of the internet.

Life is beautiful and abundant. Most of all, it is good.

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