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hi there! I’m McKenzy

I live in a tiny, log house with my family of six. Together, we homeschool and homestead on our 7 acres nestled in Central Pennsylvania. Along with running the farm, I enjoy educating others on sustainable farming practices, gardening and preserving the harvest on my Instagram and Youtube Channel, Little Farm Folk!

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Yeast is a microorganism in the fungus family. There are many different types of yeast that live unseen on surfaces all around you. Some yeast,

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How to Hand Knead Bread

There is definitely something therapeutic about kneading bread. Pouring out the dough on the counter, sprinkling flour on the surface of the dough and table.

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Bulk Buying 101 pt. 4 

Pick Up Day!  Today is the day! The day all of your hard work of budgeting, organizing and months of planning accumulate into pick up

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Make Bread 365 Challenge 

Simple Bread making Supplies Bread is one of the oldest methods and evidence of prepared foods in human history. Civilizations in the Middle East that

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Make Bread 365 Challenge 

About the Challenge Make Bread 365 Challenge  About the Challenge About the Challenge Sunday marks the beginning of the New Year! Traditionally, on New Year’s

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