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hi there! I’m McKenzy

I live in a tiny, log house with my family of six. Together, we homeschool and homestead on our 7 acres nestled in Central Pennsylvania. Along with running the farm, I enjoy educating others on sustainable farming practices, gardening and preserving the harvest on my Instagram and Youtube Channel, Little Farm Folk!

Whether you are here as a hobbyist looking to dabble with your raised beds or a serious homesteader looking to put up a year’s supply of vegetables, this place is for you!

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My most recent blogs

September #makebread365

Recipes All Purpose Flour Print Recipe Here: Watch Tutorial Here: Sourdough Print Recipe Here: Watch Tutorial Here: Gluten Free Print Recipe

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August #makebread365

August days are hot and still,Not a breath on house or hill,Not a breath on height or plain,Weary travelers cry for rain;But the children quickly

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July #Makebread365

Nothing like getting this month’s #makebread365 challenge out the last week of July! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn to make a baguette.

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MRE Mac N Cheese

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June Make Bread 365

It seems with the passing of each month as if time is fleeting faster than I’d like. We are so busy around the farm and

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May Make Bread 365

Artisan Loaf This month is an exciting month because I want to teach you how to master an artisan sourdough loaf. It wasn’t until last

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April Make Bread 365

April has been a whirlwind for our family! We welcomed a new calf to the farm and we named him Linus, after the previous owners

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Dehydrating for Beginners

Dehydrating is a method of food preservation used for centuries. There are many different techniques and equipment you can use to dehydrate foods, but before

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