MRE Mac N Cheese

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Each year I set out to improve the way our household functions, this year I am focusing on my bread products and convenience foods. While I do think they have a place and a purpose, they come at a cost. Both to your wallet and your health. As I try to pull away from the Standard American Diet, I find myself always questioning how something is made. From pudding to pop tarts, I am always researching how to make it from scratch instead of buying it.

One thing I really like to lean on is instant Mac N’ Cheese. It is so nice to just boil water, add noodles, the cheese packet and have a meal ready to eat. It got me thinking, I wonder if I could preserve all the individual ingredients and then make my own Mac N’ Cheese. Even though it would be a quick, just add hot water meal, I would know exactly what ingredient went into it.

Luckily, I also love to make Macaroni and Cheese from scratch so I knew what ingredients made a delicious meal and how much the portions should be.

I set out to freeze-dry all the individual ingredients. I freeze-dried shredded cheddar, raw milk, and macaroni noodles. Then played around with the flavor and textures to get just the right ratios. Here is the recipe I came up with.

MRE Mac N’ Cheese:

1 cup freeze-dried macaroni noodles
½- ⅔ cup freeze-dried cheddar powder
½ cup freeze-dried milk
½ tsp salt
¼- ½ paprika
¼ onion powder
¼ black pepper

A splash of hot water to rehydrate, start with a small amount first and then seal the bag back up. Reopen and stir after ten minutes.

If it is still too dry add a touch more water. Remember, you can always add more water but not less!

You can store this mixture in a glass jar with an oxygen absorber or use these MRE bags from Wallaby Goods for an on-the-go meal or even store it in a bug-out bag. Use my code LittleFarmFolk for an additional $5 off on your order!


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