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101 reviews for #MakeBreadChallenge365 Planner

  1. Patricia Drake

    Thank you for so much inspiration! I am looking forward to baking bread with my granddaughters.

  2. Kristen

    Planner looks amazing! Excited to start the challenge!

  3. Kristen

    Looks amazing, excited to try!

  4. Judy

    Can’t wait to start

  5. Olivia McTeer

    Can’t wait to try this!

  6. Charlotte Earley

    Haven’t seen it looking forward

  7. Brenda

    I think this is an Excellent idea

  8. Angie

    Thank you for the great resource. I cannot wait to get started

  9. Cathie

    Looking forward to this!

  10. Nicole

    I’m so excited! Thank you so much.

  11. Melanie

    thank you for organizing this! I’m so excited!

  12. Brittany

    Thank you. Looking forward to starting #makingbread365

  13. Kim


  14. Maxine Jelinek

    Really looking forward to this!

  15. Shelly

    Love that you’re doing this!!

  16. Theresa

    Excited to get started

  17. Karen

    I’m looking forward to this challenge

  18. Darlene Côté

    I just truly enjoy all your posts on Instagram.
    Thank you.

  19. Olga

    Thank you

  20. Amber Allard

    So excited to join this community and challenge

  21. Shelby

    So excited!!

  22. Susan Davis

    So excited

  23. Alex

    Looking forward to building up this skill

  24. Bea

    What a great chalenge, can’t wait to start

  25. Kaylene

    So excited to do this. And I love the simplicity and adversity of making different breads! Thanks for the encouragement to do hard things. Love this. ❤️

  26. Flavia

    Thank you
    Looking forward to this.

  27. Flavia

    I’m so excited to do this.
    Thank you.

  28. Melinda

    Can’t wait to start!!! Something new for

  29. Melinda

    Can’t wait to start this!!!

  30. Myrna Garay

    Excited to start the challenge with the community!

  31. Rebecca McConnell

    Super excited

  32. Rebecca McConnell

    Super excited.

  33. Lauren Funderburk

    This looks great! Looking forward to it!

  34. Margie

    Thank you for this planner. I have already started making sourdough and I can’t wait to learn other types of bread.

  35. Kathie

    Thank you! Can’t wait to start.

  36. Mariah

    So excited to learn along side you!

  37. Vivian Curiel

    Looking forward to starting this challenge!

  38. Cass

    Wow, this looks amazing!

  39. Elisa

    Excited to start the new year with this awesome challenge. Let’s make and bake some bread.

  40. Lindsey Marquardt

    Excited to learn this skill

  41. Jen

    I love this idea!! Happy New Year!! To a year of learning new skills snd making bread 🍞 To a year of gaining independence to live a different kind of life ❤️

  42. Jen

    I love this idea!! Happy New Year!! To a year of learning new skills snd making bread 🍞❤️

  43. Tina Griswell

    So excited to be a part of this journey

  44. Sara Merrell

    I’m really looking forward to this!! Making baby steps to get where we’d like to be! Thank you for inspiring so many to take those steps!

  45. Eva Simmons (verified owner)

    Excited about this adventure

  46. DeAnna

    Excited to learn a new skill!

  47. Morgan Lewis

    Thank you so much for this!

  48. Amber H Johnson

    So thankful for this as ive been praying to be inspired and taught bread baking. This will help me provide for my family!

  49. Tyana

    Can’t wait to ditch store bought breads! Thank you!

  50. Kim

    Hoping to enjoy this with my grandkids.

  51. Grace

    So excited about this

  52. Kristen

    Fun idea

  53. Anna

    Excited to try the challenge! Thank you for inspiring me 🙂

  54. Kim Adams

    I am so excited for this challenge! Thank you for the inspiration!

  55. Amy

    Very excited about this journey

  56. Alesia

    What a great addition to add to a fresh New Year!

  57. Linzy

    Excited to be part of this!

  58. Isla


  59. Isla


  60. Olga

    So good

  61. Lana Holcomb

    Great idea for the challenge ! Super helpful and well designed.

  62. Michelle Matlack

    Excited to start the challenge. Can’t wait to make more bread for my family.

  63. Rose M Lantz

    Looking forward to this!

  64. Alyson Gulledge

    Looking forward to the challenge

  65. Paula

    Hope this works

  66. [email protected]

    Looking forward to making some bread. Thanks

  67. Becca

    So excited to be part of the makebread challenge

  68. Angela

    Looking forward to trying this!

  69. Lindsay Avery

    Very excited to learn more! Love making breads!

  70. Lexi (verified owner)

    Love, Love, LOVE the planner and this whole idea!! So ExCiTeD to try my hand at some different bread making skills! Happy New Year!!

  71. LeAnn


  72. Shelly Gigliotti

    We r looking forward to making bread

  73. Kami

    Can’t wait to get started!

  74. Jennifer Herndon

    This is the perfect nudge I need to eat more deliberately ! I have made bread sporadically over the years but haven’t delved into much besides basic loaf breads and sourdough breads. Thank you !

  75. Jess

    Great idea! Will be giving this a go each month, Happy New Year!

  76. Cathy Davidson

    Can’t wait!!

  77. Melinda

    Can’t wait

  78. Brandi

    This is will be fun!

  79. Amber Allard

    So excited for this challenge with this community

  80. Cindy Clune

    Thank you!

  81. Jessica

    Looking forward to this!!

  82. Nina Odam

    I am so looking forward to trying this challenge. Thank goodness for a community of people trying this together.

  83. Nina Odam

    I am so looking forward to trying this challenge

  84. Cameron Hernandez

    Excited 🙌

  85. Nicole


  86. Jessica

    So excited for this!

  87. Maria Medina

    Love this idea!

  88. Crystal

    Fun we’re in

  89. Crystal

    Great idea I’m in.

  90. Susan

    Happy New Year! Here’s to the bread of life!

  91. Emily

    Thank you for this resource! Excited to bake!

  92. Corri

    Looking forward to this fun challenge!

  93. Crissy Gore

    I’m so excited! We’re just starting to homestead. Happy New Year! Here’s to learning new things! 🍞♥️

  94. Alex

    Can’t wait to start

  95. MAL

    Looking forward to learning new skills!

  96. MA Ludes

    Looking forward to learning new skills!

  97. Jess

    Something I’ve always wanted to learn, can’t wait

  98. Maurene Roesler

    Great timing with store bought bread so expensive

  99. Maurene Roesler

    Great timing with the price of store bought bread

  100. Laurie

    A little late to the game but I’m excited

  101. Shawna Ellis (verified owner)

    Can’t wait

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