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Homemade tortillas are soft and fluffy and downright good for the soul. Who am I kidding, anything with carbs is heavenly. Sometimes it helps to make this recipe in two days. To cut down on prep time, cook tortillas on one day, assemble meals the next.

Personally, I think tortillas made with lard for the fat over butter or oil are the best. Choose a fat that fits your diet, budget, and local resources.

Tortillas don’t just end with just tacos or burritos. You can use them for sandwich wraps, breakfast burritos, quesadillas, flatbread pizzas, tortilla strips for topping soup, fry them for chips and layering for casseroles.

You can make them crunchy, sweet and even savory by adding spinach or sundried tomatoes to the dough. The possibilities are endless and another reason to get creative in the kitchen.

Rolling Pin
Flat pan (12 in)
|Parchment Paper
Tortilla Press (optional)


All Purpose Flour
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Gluten Free
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Fresh Milled Print
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Happy Baking!

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